The role of a Chief Technology Officer in the US government | Chris Vein | TBCY

The role of a Chief Technology Officer in the US government | Chris Vein | TBCY

S3 E039 Chris Vein, Dy CTO, Obama Admin; Chairman, Startup Policy Lab
TITLE: The role of a Chief Technology Officer in the US government

00:00- Introduction
00:51- More about Chris
02:49- How did Chris prepare himself for a role in the white house and what have been some of his learnings?
06:20- His role as Chief Innovation Officer for global ICT development at the World Bank.
08:30- About Startup Policy Lab.
11:25- A secure, transparent, and accessible government.
12:54- How has policy helped startup entrepreneurs?
15:23- Do other governments of the world open their data to the world?
16:33- What holds back other countries from having policies like California?
18:38- How are Gen Z and millennials changing govt policies for startups?
20:33- Some core values Chris believes in.
22:14- What does success mean to Chris?
23:27- Who/what inspires him?

The history of the American Government is known globally for its grandeur and developmental achievements. And the work that goes behind the government’s success is in the hands of the administrative officers and the several working members of the White House. Over the past decades, technology has played an evident role in global governments. It has revolutionized and highly benefited the working of governments.

Today on The Brand Called You, we welcome Chris Vein- a technology-driven professional who has served in the White House for four US Presidents!

Chris is currently the Non- Executive Chairman of the Startup Policy Lab in the US. Earlier, he was the Deputy US Chief Technology Officer in the Obama administration.

His work under the Obama Administration is commendable. Chris has worked towards using technology in a change-driven manner and generating positive and beneficial results.

Today he shares with us his experience of working under three iconic US Presidents and the lessons he has learned on his diverse journey.

Tune in to know more!

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