OpenGov TV Fireside Chat with Brent Schroeder, Chief Technology Officer, SUSE

July 25, 2022

How Edge Computing Enables real-time data in smart cities to improve efficiencies. #SUSE #opengovasia #informandempower source Link to this post!

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of #Big_Basket | Rakshit Daga | Ep3 | Conversations With CodeChef

Small steps to Big Basket! The very experienced Rakshit Daga will be talking about his journey to the top, leading one of the largest e-commerce…

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Rajendra Petkar – Chief Technology Officer, Tata Motors | Geneva Motor Show 2019 | Autocar India

With new regulations round the corner and new vehicles launching soon, Tata Motors had to make sure they were ahead of the game with their…

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