If You Need Inspiration To Dream Big, Watch Caylin Moore's Motivational Speech | Goalcast

May 27, 2020

✪There is no dream too big when you have the right mindset and you are committed. Get a boost of motivation with this inspiring video,…

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You Can Achieve a Navy Seal Mindset | Brent Gleeson Military Motivation Speech | Goalcast

May 23, 2020

✪ Even if you’re not thinking about joining the Navy Seals this military motivational speech by Brent Gleeson will help you understand that life can…

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5 Expert Tips No Parent Should Miss | Motivational Speech | Goalcast

May 22, 2020

✪Do you want to improve the relationship you have with your kids? We have compiled the best advice for parents in the following 5 speeches…

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The True Story of the Golden Gate Bridge Guardian Angel | Kevin Briggs | Goalcast

May 21, 2020

✪ In this inspirational video, Kevin Berthia tells the true story of how the power of listening and hope saved him from the severe depression…

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How To Stand Up For Yourself | Top 5 Speeches | Goalcast

May 17, 2020

✪ Pressured, picked on, bullied, pushed around? If you’ve ever asked “how do I stand up for myself” or “why am I being bullied”, then…

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How To Let Go Of All Of Your Pain | Omar Pinto Speech | Goalcast

May 16, 2020

✪ What are you holding onto? Do you need to forgive yourself? Omar Pinto delivers an emotional, gut-wrenching speech about love, loss and letting go….

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Navy SEAL Veteran Gets Wake Up Call From Worst Fear | Admiral McRaven | Goalcast Speech

May 15, 2020

✪ Admiral McRaven, 36-year Navy SEAL veteran of “Make Your Bed” fame, faces down one of life’s worst fears. ✪ Navy SEAL Veteran Gets Wake…

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Stephen Hawking Discovers the Ultimate Meaning of Life | Stephen Hawking Speech

May 14, 2020

✪ If you’ve ever felt different or left out, watch this…Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking faced more challenges than most, and still became one of…

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Having Trouble Today? This Is The ONLY Video You Should Watch | Sheryl Sandberg Speech | Goalcast

May 13, 2020

✪ Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg reflects on the lessons she learned facing unthinkable tragedy with the hope that it can help others…

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Why Was Will Smith Intimidated by Tupac? | Inspiring Life Stories | Goalcast

May 10, 2020

✪ Will Smith had to learn one important lesson to get over his fear of Tupac ✪ Why Was Will Smith Intimidated by Tupac? |…

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