These Are the Rules to a Less Complicated Life | Lou Holtz

Trust. Commitment. Love Speech: Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz lays down the very simple rules to living a less complicated life. ► Watch all…

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How Do You Find the Moments that Define You? | Peter Dinklage

Light Up The Night speech – He was 29, broke and working a dead-end job as a data processor. Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage…

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Why You Should Practice Being Stupid, Dumb, Unthinking | Benedict Cumberbatch

While reading a letter American artist Sol LeWitt sent to Eva Hesse in the 1960s, Benedict Cumberbatch urges us to stop overthinking and worrying about…

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These 3 Sentences Will Change Your Life | Lisa Nichols

October 22, 2017

Find Your Way Back speech – Lisa Nichols delivers a powerful speech on how she struggled with abuse and depression and what these experiences taught…

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How Osama bin Laden’s Hunter Gets a Fresh Start Every Morning | Rob O’Neill

October 21, 2017

Keep Moving Forward speech – Rob O’Neill, the Navy SEAL who claims he fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden shares why he committed…

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How I Turned Abuse Into Triumph | Lewis Howes

October 20, 2017

Lean Into the Dream speech – In this emotional interview, Lewis Howes speaks candidly about how he was sexually abused as a child and how,…

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Don’t Die Before Your Death – Muniba Mazari

October 19, 2017

Live Every Moment speech: Muniba Mazari, lovingly referred to as the Iron Lady of Pakistan, openly talks about how her life changed after a car…

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How to Design Your Life’s Blueprint – Martin Luther King

October 18, 2017

Keep Moving speech – Martin Luther King Jr. gives an inspiring speech about the importance of having a sound blueprint that will guide you in…

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Being Weird is a Wonderful Thing – Ed Sheeran

October 17, 2017

Embrace Who You Are speech – Famous musician Ed Sheeran shares his childhood experience to encourage all outsiders to stop being ashamed of their uniqueness,…

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Here’s What Lies on the Other Side of Fear – Will Smith

October 16, 2017

Face Your Fears speech – Will Smith gives a passionate speech on how leaping past your fears will make you realize that you’re the only…

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