Product Team | Graduate Program | Xero

Product Team | Graduate Program | Xero

March 25, 2016

The Xero Graduate Programme supports graduates making the transition from study to full-time work. It includes tailored onboarding, training and mentoring. In this video, you’ll hear Rowena Joe and Jen O’Byrne from our Product team talk about work and life at Xero.

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Video transcript below:

Rowena: I think the product team is basically the crux of how Xero runs. We build the software that people use day to day and it’s awesome.

My name’s Rowena and I’m a development team lead for the Xero core team. The team that I work in is the Fondue Ferrets. Fondue Ferrets basically is the technicality teams so they look at all the historical code in Xero that’s making it painful for other Xero core teams to develop, and our goal is just to basically get rid of that, clean it up, and make it faster for people to develop.

Xero is a great place for juniors to come along and learn so much stuff because the people here, they’re so experienced but they’re also so willing to teach people, and everyone’s really excited to see how juniors developers grow and develop and become leaders themselves and start training others and leading their own teams.

Jen: To me, product means that we are able to help small to medium business owners as best as we can. We make accounting simple and creative, and we help our business owners to succeed.

Hi, I’m Jen. I work in the product team in the reporting area. So product provides all the core functions for our customers at Xero. We provide financial reports for our small to medium business owners. We’re always working on them, making them better and adding new features to them.

Rowena: What makes Xero a standout place to work is the fact that we’re a product-based company and are so different to other services-based companies. Some of the things that are different is that you don’t just basically write the code and pass it off to your client, you get to keep on improving it and build on it and keep on getting to own it, that sort of thing.

Jen: Juniors bring to Xero a fresh perspective on the technology industry, they’ll bring a lot of things that you need, they’re excited to try out new technologies, and they also bring back a new personality to your team.

Rowena: A grad can expect to come into Xero and basically get a week of induction training so they sort of get to know basically how Xero runs and the tools and stuff that they’ll be using as a day to day developer. And then they get assigned to a team where they get to learn the ropes with a mentor beside them and get to actually build real features, real code that gets shared live.

Jen: So far in my time at Xero, I’ve learned how to become a good team member, I’ve learned a lot of tips and techniques from other staff members, and also I’ve learned how to work in an agile team.

Rowena: I love Xero because of the people. I just haven’t found any other workplace with the same kind of people that we have. It runs just super smart and they’re really passionate about what they do and the company as a whole, and working with them is like working for family.

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