Leadership style

IT Executive with entrepreneurial and creative mindset

I had a unique opportunity to start my IT journey very early – I developed my first software at the age of 8 and started to explore the internet in the early 90’s.

Since then I made a 360 degrees career in IT and can state today that I have a good understanding regarding how things work, how they should be working and, based on this experience, I have a pretty good feeling regarding how things will be working in future.

My strong sense of reality and my ability to see opportunities make me a skillful negotiator. I welcome and seek change. I always run a flexible, dynamic, performance-oriented organization.

  • I thrive on action
  • I live in the “here and now”
  • I welcome change and will take risks
  • I like variety
  • I seek fun and performance
  • I deal quickly with concrete problems
  • I am flexible, practical diplomat


  • 15 years of progressively responsible positions in the IT sector (software developer, head of IT department, web marketing coordinator, business owner, technical consulting/sales engineering, head of technical consulting/sales engineering team, product manager, program manager) on an international level (USA, France, Russia, Scandinavian Countries, Turkey, Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Deep technical and web understanding (developed first software at the age of 8 in 1990, developed first websites in late 90s, created several IT & web communities, and was involved in more than 100 different IT/web projects)
  • Advanced communication, presentation and “people skills” (hiring, supporting, coaching, developing, deepening collaboration, and bridging the communication gaps between different parts of the organization that struggle to understand each other)
  • Problem solving in an ambiguous environment (launching PayPal’s activity in Russia, PayPal Technology Leadership Program rotations, running my own business)
  • Tenacity in execution, results-oriented and a proven track record of success in challenging situations.
  • I am positive, optimistic and highly collaborative.

My Core Value Index (CVI Taylorprotocols.com) results:

George, the CVI assessment found you are a MERCHANT-BUILDER.

What does this mean? This means your primary core value is Merchant – A Merchant’s core value energy is Love. Love in this sense is working toward an inspired vision of what can be, by nurturing the core values in one’s self and in others. You thrive at building relationships and providing an inspired vision for those around you. Your secondary core value is Builder –A Builder’s core value energy is Power. Power is personal energy invested to make a positive difference. You consistently take action to get results.

You look at the circumstances and situations around you through the eyes of faith and truth. You operate from a place of pure intuitive capacity to see what needs to be done, without need for more thought, to take an action and create a positive result. This is balanced by your intuitive and reasoning view of the world, looking to see the real nature of people, their needs and hopes. You work to nurture them and yourself toward a wonderful vision.

Merchant/builders are high energy, excited, spontaneous leaders, remarkably capable of developing teams and getting action through both loyalty and command. When the situation calls for someone who will roll up his sleeves and get to work, always maintaining high quality relationships and the long-term vision in mind, a merchant/builder is the best core energy for the job. If decisiveness, energy, heart, enthusiasm, strength, openness, and spontaneity are required, the merchant/builder is unbeatable.

These people know how to work and how to get others to work with them. The builder in them is a doer, and if there is too much work for one person, the merchant in them will motivate and teach others to join in and perform well. This valuable combination of action aligned with vision, training, and solid relationships creates an irresistible force.

Their actions create worthwhile their vision and teaching releases new energy and excitement and expands the capabilities of those around them. Their decisiveness generates bottom line results, the lynch pin of any company, while their ongoing care for relationships builds trust and loyalty amongst their fellow staff. Their creativity is a force to be reckoned with and adds appreciation and value to the job at hand.

If rapidly building a team is required, opening a new sales territory is the task at hand, or if a new business enterprise is being launched, a merchant/builder is the most likely candidate to succeed.

Some preferred quotes tied to my personality:

  • “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” (c) Abraham Maslow
  • “Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world.” (c) Archimedes
  • “Qui veut cherche un moyen. Qui ne veut pas cherche une excuse.” (c) Chinese proveb
  • “Il n’y a de vent favorable que pour celui qui sait où il va !” (Sénèque)
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