Hotseat 33: Unified Communications Technologies

Hotseat 33: Unified Communications Technologies

January 13, 2016

Today we are speaking with Tim Root, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of New Business Development at RevoLabs.

Tim Root has a long history of developing media and telepresence solutions for the video communications and security markets, and brings over 13 years of executive-level experience in both public and venture-backed companies.

He recently founded VGo Communications (formerly North End Technologies), a developer of robotic telepresence solutions, where he served as inventor, CTO, and vice president of engineering. Previously, he held the positions of president and CEO of Chester Technologies; CTO and vice president of product management for OzVision; and CTO and vice president of business development for Polycom’s Video Division.

Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University, a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a dual master’s degree in engineering and management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Sloan School of Management.

Today, Tim will be discussing Unified Communications technologies. Welcome Tim!

1. How do you define “Unified Communications”? What kinds of technologies does that term encompass?
2. What do you consider the biggest technical challenges facing the manufacturers of Unified Communications (UC) devices over the next five years? What are the biggest business challenges?
3. Give me some insights into how the Unified Communications technologies Revolabs offers have evolved over the last decade. In other words, how have customer needs/preferences changed over this period and how has Revolabs responded?
4. One of the most significant trends in wireless conferencing these days is the growing preference for systems that allow users to bring their own devices to the conference environment. How has Revolabs responded to that trend?


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