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The BEST Commencement Speeches To Get You PUMPED For Life | Top 5 Speeches | Goalcast

May 9, 2020

✪ Graduating or not, these 5 fiery graduation speeches will inspire you to live to your maximum potential and be your best self. Includes “The…

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Before You Get Angry, Watch This Terry Crews Video | Speech | Goalcast

May 8, 2020

✪ For years Terry Crews was terrified of his alcoholic father. Decades later, Terry finally confronts him about his childhood. But why does it become…

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He Hacked A Game Show To Fund His Dream: Behind The Third Door | Alex Banayan Speech | Goalcast

May 7, 2020

✪ He had a crazy idea, and didn’t listen to the haters. Instead, he found the THIRD DOOR and barged right through. ✪ He Hacked…

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If Someone Has Let You Down, Watch This | Kevin Hart Speech | Goalcast

May 6, 2020

✪ Kevin Hart came from nothing, hustled to the top and then crashed back to earth. What he learned along the way can help you…

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He Learned More From A Video Game Than From School | Thomas Maharaj Speech | Goalcast

✪ After a sudden collapse, a near-death experience and over 500 seizures, Thomas Maharaj realized that Super Mario Bros. had taught him the right way…

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This Is The ONLY Way To Become Stronger | Nick Santonastasso Speech | Goalcast

✪ “Do You Ever Feel Different From Other People?” – From a young age, Nick Santonastasso was different and was bullied for it, and it…

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Who saved Shia LaBeouf From Himself? | Life Stories | Goalcast

🔥 If you like this video, check out LIFE STORIES BY GOALCAST, our BRAND-NEW channel for more inspirational stories from all the celebrities you love:…

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What Happened When I Finally Confronted My Father | TOP 5 TRUE speeches | Goalcast

✪ Everyone has got a dad and communicating with them isn’t easy. If you’re asking yourself “how do I talk to my father” or “how…

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How To Succeed When Others Hold You Back | Neil Degrasse Tyson Speech | Goalcast

✪ Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson imparts his wisdom on how to succeed when people don’t believe in you and how to create meaning in life….

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CRUSHED by Life, He Teaches Us How To Overcome Any Obstacle | Steve Gleason Speech | Goalcast

✪ “It All Started With A Muscle Cramp”: When NFL star Steve Gleason was diagnosed with an incurable disease, he had to overcome unbelievable obstacles…

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